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Internationally acknowledged percussionist, drummer, body music performer, ethnomusicologist and educator, graduated in Ethnomusicology (Italy) and in Traditional Percussions (Greece), Simone’s extremely personal language focuses on sound research and self-expression, finding roots in traditional cultures and interiority, fusing styles and musical idioms.






Bodyterranean - the show!
is coming...

World premiere at the International Body Music Festival - Athens MiniFest, 20/10/2017!




My album is out!

Bodyterranean (Music without instruments)
has been released!

 Featuring Areti Ketime, Maria Koti, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Max Pollak, Thanos Daskalopoulos and many others... 


Purchase it online:

Digital:      Amazon          iTunes

Physical copy:  Studio52


Visit my Body Music website


Check out more videos from my last appearance on a Greek state TV music show



Next Activities

August 2017


- Live performance in Kea - Greece, 26.VIII.17

Karthea Arheological site

with Silvia Macchi


September 2017

Live in Athens - Greece, 11.IX.17

with Eleni & Souzana Vougioukli


- Live music for the theatre show
"The Cycle of Oedipus", by Yiangos Andreadis

Athens, Greece, 13.IX.17

Delfoi, Greece, 15.IX.17


- Body Music workshop in Athens - Greece, 17.IX.17



Live in Athens - Greece, 23.IX.17

Simone Mongelli, Nikos Touliatos & guests

International event peacedrums



October 2017


- Rhythm & Dance workshop in Sellia - Greece, 01-05.X.17

with Isabella Muellenbach


- Body Music workshop in Athens - Greece, 08.X.17



Body music workshops in Athens - Greece, 19-22.X.17

International Body Music Festival


Live in Athens - Greece, 20.X.16

Bodyterranean - the show!

International Body Music Festival


Live in Athens - Greece, 26.X.16

Bodyterranean - the show!

Rabbit Hole Theatre





Rhythm & Dance in Crete - Workshops

New dates for 2017!
Spring - Summer - Autumn
GREEK DANCES, BODY MUSIC & GREEK PERCUSSION classes in wonderful Southern Crete. Accommodation included!

Check out!




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