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Radical music

From the Latin word "radix", root. We try to draw inspiration and go back to the roots of our identities of musicians: first, the musical heritage of our tradition, in particular rural tradition of Southern Italy, namely our cultural root. Second, improvisation, as an archaic, primordial means of sounds' exploration, namely the root of human musical behaviour: the first way in which human beings have discovered their ability of producing intentional sounds, i.e. music.

Digging into the gentle earth of our South, our traditional music gives us the rough material, while free improvisation gives us the way to dig into ourselves, the rules for playing the game of dis-composing, of freeing creative energies, of concentrating on self-expression. An introspective musical path, in which the fundamental relationship with the place and its energy drives to the building of a performance which is always different and unique. Backwards, to the roots, and ahead, towards radical music.



Oral tradition, Puglia Aremu Rindineddha
Oral tradition, Calabria Lu Rusciu te lu Mare
Oral tradition, Campania Madonna della Grazia
Oral tradition, Campania 'O Cunto 'e Masaniello
Oral tradition, Puglia Orio to Fengo
Oral tradition, Campania Alla Potatora
Oral tradition, Puglia Ninna Nanna
Oral tradition, Calabria A Nova
Oral tradition, Campania Angelaré




Simone Mongelli: percussions, body percussion, jaw's harp

Armando Illario: piano, voice, percussions



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