Simone Mongelli

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East of the South

The richness of Greek tradition interpreted by outstanding musicians.



Alexandros Kapsokavadis (ethnomusicologist - performer - composer & arranger - teacher)
laouto, guitar, Constantinople lute, voice

Effie Zaitidou (performer - composer & arranger - teacher)
kanonaki (qanun), voice

Simone Mongelli (ethnomusicologist - performer - arranger - teacher)

Lefteris Andriotis (studio & live performer)
cretan lyre

Michalis Kouloumis (studio & live performer - teacher)
violin, voice


Listen to some samples from our first recording,
East Mediterranean*


* with: Michalis Kouloumis / Alexandros Kapsokavadis / Simone Mongelli / Evina Petridou